Kingsgate Primary School

Our vision, core purpose and values guide and underpin everything we do.

Our vision
To maximise the life chances of our pupils
  • By aiming for academic excellence
  • By insisting on high standards
  • By teaching pupils to be ready, respectful and safe
Our core purpose
Our school should give children a skill set that will maximise their positive life chances in the future.

Our school should give children a particular set of values in the interests of individuals and wider society. These values should prepare our children for life in modern Britain.

Our values
  • We believe that getting better never stops
  • We have a culture that enables children and staff to excel
  • We are proud of our school and our achievements
  • We treat everyone with respect
  • We value all peoples and cultures equally
  • We do not tolerate any form of bullying or prejudice
  • We encourage teamwork and cooperation
  • We communicate well with each other
  • We praise each other and recognise and share our successes

Kingsgate Primary School 

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