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At Kingsgate Primary School we expect all pupils to make good progress and achieve to their highest potential. We welcome all children in the community and we make every effort to ensure that special educational needs or a disability will not be a bar to joining in the normal day to day activities that other children experience.

Sometimes children just need a bit more help and we are quick to spot when to give that help. Sometimes children have more complex needs and we work with a range of agencies to support their learning.

Our teachers and teaching assistants are very skilled at helping all the children in their class learn, whatever their needs.

Two learning mentors, an art therapist and a senior educational psychologist also help children when they need more support.

The children from Year 3 to Year 6 all have a responsibility such as buddying younger children or being mediators to help each other sort out any friendship issues. They learn to help other each other and they learn important life skills at the same time.

The school recently achieved the Camden Award for Inclusion which recognised our commitment to enabling all our pupils to achieve highly, whatever their needs.

We have also achieved the national Achievement for All award which recognised that the school shows 'total commitment to raising aspirations and achievement for pupils with special educational needs or disability'.

Special educational needs policy
Equalities policy
Art Therapy at Kingsgate Primary School

Who is it for and what happens
Kingsgate Primary SchoolThe Art Therapy Service at Kingsgate helps children across the school who are struggling to make full use of school life and academic learning. This might be for a wide range of reasons such as a recent bereavement; changes in family circumstances; witnessing difficult things; learning or physical difficulties, or problems with peer relationships. Such difficulties are often expressed in challenging behaviour, by an inability to concentrate in class or through feeling worried.

In Art Therapy, children make art and play through which to explore their experiences, worries and hopes for the future, in the presence of a fully trained and experienced Art Therapist. It takes place on Wednesdays to Fridays in the art therapy room in the house.

Who is involved:
The Art Therapist works closely with school staff and family members, as well as other professionals, to provide the most effective service in supporting children’s needs.

What form does it take:
Art Therapy is offered on a weekly basis to children individually and in small groups and in some cases, parents or the whole family may be invited to join sessions with their child. Sessions last between 50 minutes for individuals and 1 hour, 15 minutes for groups.

The Art Therapist also runs NEW ARRIVALS GROUPS for children who have recently arrived at Kingsgate Primary from another country, another school or another part of the UK. These groups provide the opportunity for each child to pause and reflect on their journey and new circumstances, and helps them settle quickly into school life.

Children who have attended Art Therapy often show increased self-confidence, improved relationships with their peers and better academic results. They are often more settled and focused in class and have better coping strategies.

What is Art Therapy?

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