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"At Kingsgate we are writers!"
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Handwriting policy

Writing at Kingsgate is delivered through an exciting and engaging curriculum which is taught from nursery to Year 6.

In the Early Years play is the key way for children to explore and develop writing skills. Children are encouraged to make independent decisions and mark-make/write as part of their play. To enable this our indoor and outdoor environment is rich in adult and child's print and writing areas are well resourced, easily available and attractive. Through role play children are given clear purposes for writing and are provided with many opportunities to experiment with writing themselves. Magnetic letters, different tactile materials and computer software are also available for children to experiment with mark making/writing.
Kingsgate Primary School Kingsgate Primary School Kingsgate Primary School 
In Key Stage 1 and 2 writing is taught through the use of high quality texts. These texts provide a stimulus for all children to develop their writing across a range of genres. 'Talk for writing' is used to allow children to interact and engage with the text. Activities such as book talk, writer talk, story telling, role play, drama and word and language games are an important part of the writing process. Once children have gathered ideas and planned their writing teachers model writing to support the writing process. After writing children are given opportunity to edit and improve their work through specific individual marking and often publish their finished pieces.

Throughout Kingsgate, children's writing is celebrated through writing weeks, class made books/ learning walls and high quality writing displays.
Kingsgate Primary School Kingsgate Primary School 
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