Kingsgate Primary School

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EYFS Years 1 and 2 Years 3 and 4 Years 5 and 6

The reading curriculum at Kingsgate

At Kingsgate Primary School, we teach virtually all of our pupils to read.

From Nursery, we begin teaching children phonic knowledge and skills. Children continue to have daily lessons in phonics until the end of Year 1. In Year 2 to Y6, children have lessons in spelling.

Our curriculum gives pupils rich opportunities to talk and listen in a wide range of contexts. This develops their familiarity with books and stories and their knowledge of the meanings of words.

In Reception and KS1, children read every day with an adult in small groups. In KS2, pupils also have daily reading lessons.

We systematically teach pupils the strategies that they need to become fluent readers.

In KS2, pupils read books and do online quizzes to encourage them to read widely.

We buy high quality texts for class and our school libraries.

Kingsgate Primary School 

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