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Key Stage 1 Years 3 and 4 Years 5 and 6

The reading curriculum at Kingsgate

Kingsgate Primary School 
"To misquote Shakespeare, it appears that 'some children are born readers, some achieve reading skills and others have reading thrust upon them'. Primary schools encounter and must provide for all three types. The best schools work on the principle that every child can learn to read."

OFSTED Reading by 6: How the best schools do it.
Reading at Kingsgate is delivered through an exciting and engaging curriculum which is taught from reception to nursery. At Kingsgate we believe that every child can learn to read and will go on to become life long readers.

Guided Reading
Children in key stage 1 do guided reading everyday and in key stage 2 may be daily or weekly. This is a small group session which focuses on reading strategies, fluency, comprehension and understanding.
Kingsgate Primary School  Kingsgate Primary School  Kingsgate Primary School 
Accelerated Reading
Accelerated reading Is for children from Year 2 to year 6 and is a great independent activity for children who are not reading with an adult during guided reading. Children complete an online STAR reading test to gain a reading level. They then get to choose a book at their level and then complete an online reading comprehension test when finished. Children who get ten 100% scores receive a prize!

Reading comprehension
In Year 6 we have reading comprehension lessons. These lessons help prepare children for their end of key stage 2 assessments and increase their reading pace and skimming and scanning skills.
Kingsgate Primary School Kingsgate Primary School 
To support our learners who need additional support with their reading we have a number of interventions such as supported reading, 15 minutes a day, catch up reading and scripted reading. We also have specialist reading tutors who come in weekly to support students with preparing for the end of Key Stage 2 tests.

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